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embracing the avant-garde in scent expression

evoke memories through raw, bold and unique fragrances




An olfactory journey through the verdant landscapes of the natural world, where every scent evokes the kaleidoscopic splendor of blooming gardens and untamed wilderness.

Red Paint

On this wintry day, a captivating sight. A young lady stands by the castle walls, adorned in crimson. Her beauty is divine, a goddess among mortals. She exudes an ethereal grace, captivating all who see her. The attire reveals exquisite craftsmanship that only adds to the allure. The cascading soft curls of hair, frames her delicate features, while the eyes, a deep shade of green, sparkle with an inner radiance that seems to emanate from her very soul. One can only wonder at the secrets she holds, and the stories that lie waiting to be uncovered.

As the gentle rain begins to fall, the city seems to transform before our very eyes. The once bustling streets quiet down, and the city's lush urban gardens come to life. We find ourselves in the heart of one such garden, surrounded by steel fences, yet somehow shielded from the chaos of the city beyond.


We're struck by the beauty of the roses and magnolias in full bloom, their vibrant petals glistening in the rain. The verdant greenery surrounds us, offering a sense of calm and tranquility in the midst of the urban jungle. In the distance, rain-kissed birds flit amidst the branches, their melodies enhancing the serene garden's allure.

As we continue to take in the beauty of this urban garden, we can't help but feel a sense of gratitude for the peaceful moment we're witnessing. It's a reminder that even in the midst of a bustling city, moments of tranquility and natural beauty can be found, offering respite and solace to all who seek it.



"Wild, Untamed, Unfiltered American Indie Perfumery"

FRAGRANTICA, official review

Inspired by a place wild and free Where icy air and pine forests meet The river roars, a force to be reckoned with| As cowboys roam with horses in tow Reminiscent of the old frontier days A land of beauty, in Wyoming's gaze Through wet mountain plain landscapes, they go

Winter Scenery

"Cheyenne is a smart, tart chypre scent of sweltering greens, watercolour blues, and sooty, sandy browns and greys."

-Eddie Bulliqi

"It will be a cherished gem that recalls a time when people were explorers and lived with nature, and not against it."

-John Harper

Wild Horses_edited.jpg
Wild Horses

"Damsel is not an innocent, delicate delicacy. This is a scent for those who like their florals old-school, fervent, and fireworked."

- Eddie Bulliqi

A fragrance for all inspired by the fearless women of the old west Young outlaws of strength, with unrivaled grace Shaping the settlements with their controversial ways

Abstract City Lights

Chicago Poet is inspired by the words of Carl Sandburg's pen. A re-discovery of a 1900s flourishing urban city that never sleeps. Nurturing the imaginations of poets and artists. With its beauty and glimmer, it never fades.

“Liar, fool, dreamer, play-actor,
Soldier, dusty drinker of dust
Ah! he will go with me
Down the dark stairway”

-Carl Sandburg

man in dress shirt sitting in front of t

"Chicago Poet is an intoxicating blend that layers luscious late-night elixirs into a potent potion for daydreaming, rumination, and creative trance, candlelight flickering whilst time melts to impulse and focus."

- Fragrantica, official review



Collection is inspired by the 1950 film of the same name by acclaimed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. These two fragrances are blended in a way that provides the audience a completely different perspective and subjective points of view from one another, owing to the variety of olfactory families in these fragrances and hence invoking the “Rashomon effect"

"Where to even begin. The Rashomon effect was in full swing"

-Marcus Mitropoulos

Japanese Parasols_edited_edited.jpg
Japanese Calligraphy

"Executed with a classical French sensibility infiltrated by the dynamism of an Arabian souk"

- Eddie Bulliqi


Fragrantica Readers Awards 2022
Best American Niche #6

Fragrantica Editors Favorite Perfumes of 2022

Fragrantica Readers Awards 2022
Best American Niche #3

Flying Lanterns_edited.jpg

"Is one of those rare scents that has little to no reference points, smelling like it came out of a frenetic daydream of its creator rather than a commercial exercise."

- Fragrantica Editors Favorite Perfumes of 2022




"A high-impact, natural-first quartet of fragrances that sang with the diverse aromas and broad-spectrum emotions of tropical landscapes: vibrant, complex, raw, effervescent, and loaded with a sense of hope, awe, foreboding, the transient, and the transcendental in sublime presentations of flowers, wood, earth, and skies in the wild."

- Eddie Bulliqi

Wooden Carvings in a Monastery

I, Mahodara am robust in power and personality; kind in temperament; conspicuous on arrival;
Like a wind, I carry the memories through space and time;
Like light to a cavernous void ,I nourish the soul,
enriching the lonely heart

FRAGRANTICA Readers' Choice AWARDS 2021 Best American Niche - #9

Image by Sonika Agarwal

"A patchouli-incense fragrance that runs deep and smooth whilst also having a course, textured component running alongside its rich core."

- Fragrantica official review

Fire Show
Flower Petals

"An abundant and multifarious fantasy flower"

-Eddie Bulliqi


I, Matangi am as powerful, unapologetic in my essence;
Like an optimistic pollen grain, dispersed in the air,
Floating towards an unknown destination;
With a thin line between getting lost or giving life

FRAGRANTICA Readers' Choice AWARDS 2021 Best American Niche - #8


I, Ushirā am like the perennial bunchgrass, deeply rooted to earth
Like an earthworm breathing in an claustrophobic world,
Fresh as morning dew, on a hot summer dawn;
The first drop of a monsoon rain ,reaching a moisture-less earth;
Quenching the thirst of the earth and the life it holds.

FRAGRANTICA Readers' Choice AWARDS 2021 Best American Niche - #4

The Plum Girl - The Best New Perfumes of 2021 (Mirabelle Awards)

Image by Bao Menglong

"I Chose Ushira for its freshness, lovely citruses"



"Recalls the light and innocent aroma of childhood play, staining white clothes with the chlorophyll of a hilly park"

- Eddie Bulliqi

beautiful snow covered Himalaya mountain

"Garden’s jasmine flowers and drinking a glass of cold pineapple juice in the sun, with a much sweeter, zestier finish perfect for summer days when you need your scent to last."

- Fragrantica editor review

I, Parvathā am as substantial and airy as my name suggests;
Breath escapes your lips, in a suffocating circumstance;
High flying birds tear through the clouds of the Himalayan skytop;
Lucid realization of nothing above and below;
You are what and where you are

FRAGRANTICA Readers' Choice AWARDS 2021 Best American Niche - #10


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Parfums Karmic Hues is an artisanal perfume house founded in 2020 by Gagen and perfumer (nose) Srivathsa in New Jersey, USA. Our longstanding passion for fragrances has given us a deep understanding and appreciation of how true aficionados treat perfume. In this vein, we carefully crafted our scents. We create our perfumes from the highest quality raw materials and design all of our handmade fragrances with the utmost care and craftsmanship for the love of the art

Blurry Flowers

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Abstract Gold Flower

Karmic Hues Americana Collection: Wild, Untamed, Unfiltered American Indie Perfumery by Eddie Bulliqi

Abstract Flame

FRAGRANTICA Editors Favorite Perfumes of 2022

by Eddie Bulliqi

Brown Paper

#3 Rashomon Volume II

#6 Rashomon Volume I



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