‘Mātangi’ 50ml Extrait De Parfum


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    ‘Mātangi’ is the hindu goddess governing speech, music, knowledge and the arts

    I, Matangi am as powerful, unapologetic in my essence;
    Like an optimistic pollen grain, dispersed in the air,
    Floating towards an unknown destination;
    With a thin line between getting lost or giving life


    Matangi is an enticing white floral with a seamless combination of night blooming jasmine, orange blossom with soothing ylang ylang. It takes a turn with a woody dry vetiver, peppered with geranium, ginger and orris, carrying to the end with vanilla, which carries a subtle sweetness.



    Fragrance Notes
    night blooming jasmine | ylang ylang | french lavender | orange blossom | ginger | vetiver | gerarnium | vanilla | amber | hyssop | orris | pollen dispersal


    Extrait concentration at 22%