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Niche Artisanal Indie Perfumes

Parfums Karmic Hues is an artisanal perfume house founded in 2020 by Gagen and perfumer (nose) Srivathsa in New Jersey, USA. Our longstanding passion for fragrances has given us a deep understanding and appreciation of how true aficionados treat perfume. In this vein, we carefully crafted our scents. We create our perfumes from the highest quality raw materials and design all of our handmade fragrances with the utmost care and craftsmanship for the love of the art. We embrace the fact that a scent can store and evoke complex emotions in and from memory. Our perfumes are meticulously blended and intend to stir a deep reminiscence of nature, human and otherwise raw, powerful, vital and unique.


Our story begins in India with co-founder and perfumer Srivathsa. He was exposed to perfumes at a young age as his beloved father had a great fondness for fragrances. He grew up as a man of passion who generates true satisfaction through self-creation. Thus what began as collection steadily gave way to research and development. Starting from relatively modest means and over time expanding to increasingly rare and intricate ingredients, Sriv steadily honed his abilities. In this most recent effort his compositions aim to capture nature's rawness and elicit subconscious memories from those who cross their path.

Our other co-founder Gagen, though a relative novice to perfume, can relate wholeheartedly to time spent outdoors and amongst nature. Born and brought up in Syracuse, NY, winters were spent snowboarding (when not shoveling) and summers golfing and hiking. Sriv and Gagen have known each other for years, bonding over similar interests in film, nature and most recently perfume. 

Jan 2021, Parfums Karmic Hues released our first collection, "The Cosmic Balance". It consisted of four fragrances, Mahodarā, Mātangi, Ushirā, and Parvathā. This collection reflects the spirituality associated with Indian tradition and culture. The doctrine that guide the diverse culture, the belief in the soul, samsara and karma, have served as our inspiration. The fusing of these different spiritual philosophies and ideals served as a stimulus for the mystic note we have included in each fragrance. The deeper you dive, the more you may find. Our goal is that these fragrances bring joy but not as just another addition to one's cosmetic life rather by adding essence to the lives of those who choose to partake.

May 2022, We released our 2nd collection, “Rashomon”. This collection is an experimentation in bringing our love for the arts of cinema and perfume together for our audience. Comprised of two perfumes, Rashomon Volume I and Rashomon Volume II, this collection is inspired by the acclaimed 1950 film of the same name. It is formulated to provide each individual a completely subjective point of view from one another, owing to the variety of olfactory families in these fragrances and hence invoking the “Rashomon effect”.

Feb 2023, We released our 3rd collection, “Americana”. This collection introduces a new set of perfumes that embody the essence of American culture. These perfumes pay homage to the American spirit, drawing inspiration from the rolling landscapes, rich history, heritage, and artistic spirit of the Americas. The perfumer's travels across these regions, where the heart of America beats, have heavily influenced the creation of these perfumes. Each scent is carefully crafted to evoke memories and emotions that are uniquely American. 

Sep 2023, We are excited to announce our brand new collection, “Blithe Flora”. The Blithe Flora perfume collection is an olfactory journey through the verdant landscapes of the natural world, where every scent evokes the kaleidoscopic splendor of blooming gardens and untamed wilderness. With each fragrance, you'll embark on a sensory adventure, exploring the nuances and intricacies of the natural world, from the intoxicating allure of blooming flowers to the earthy musk of lush forests.

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