‘Ushirā’ 50ml Extrait De Parfum


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    ‘Ushirā’ in Sanskrit means vetiver

    I, Ushirā am like the perennial bunchgrass, deeply rooted to earth
    Like an earthworm breathing in an claustrophobic world,
    Fresh as morning dew, on a hot summer dawn;
    The first drop of a monsoon rain ,reaching a moisture-less earth;
    Quenching the thirst of the earth and the life it holds.


    Ushira is primarily a vetiver scent. Driven with nuances of green apple and citrus elements, it harmoniously changes its course with rhubarb and dried roses, dominated with vetiver, warmed up with woods and ambergris.


    Fragrance Notes
    indian vetiver | green apple | italian bergamot  | orange  | dried roses | rhubarb | ambergris | grapefruit | neroli | woods | earthen pots


    Extrait concentration at 22%